Registration and Submission


In order to be considered for the Silents Roar Film Festival, you MUST REGISTER. We will not accept any submissions from teams or individuals who have not Registered themselves.

We will need some basic information about you and your film. Please fill out the google form below to register.


Students must be ages 11 – 18

All films must be silent

All films must be in black & white

All films must be 3 minutes in length

Films can be any genre (see below) or a mixture of two genres

Films can be animated

Soundtracks are optional

One title card is required

Films must include credits

Failure to follow these rules above may result in the disqualification of your film. Silents Roar! reserves the right to not accept a film submission.

Here are some genres you might want to consider:

Action/Adventure: Your film will keep the audience at the edge of their seats.

Comedy: Your film makes you and the audience laugh!

Crime/Mystery/Film Noir: Detectives, criminals, and conspiracies…

Drama: Your film tells a more serious story.

Romance: Your film features love and affection, requited or otherwise, and will evoke tender feelings in the audience.

Science Fiction: Your film takes place in a mind-bending version of our world.

Western: Cowboys, horses, and the wondrous adventures of the Ol’ Wild West.


Please email your films to with the following information in the body of the email:

Film Title

Group Members/Individual name

School/Program Name

The name of the educator you are working with (if applicable)

One sentence description of your Film

Genre(s) that your film fits into (if applicable)

Films must be submitted by Midnight June 12th, 2020. Submissions sent after this date will not be considered or judged.

Questions? Try looking at our Resources page, and if you don’t find an answer there, your question can be submitted using the Contact Us page.